Monday, June 20, 2011

First Post....EVER!!! it is.  My very first post on my very first blog.  I am a 2nd grade teacher in Texas and during the first two weeks of my summer vacation I have become OBSESSED with teacher blogs.  So obsessed that I thought I'd join in on the fun. 

A little about me?  Hmmm...I have a great husband and 3 wonderful (most of the time) kids.  I am outgoing and I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family whenever I get the chance.  I am a little OCD & probably ADHD, too.  I also am always trying to lose just 10 pounds, but that enchilada and margarita keep calling my name.  :o)

I am so very blessed to absolutely have the best job around.  Where else can you walk down a hall or into a gym and feel like a ROCKSTAR?  (Other than being a rockstar.)  I love teaching.  It is my passion and I am always learning new ways to do things.  I guess this is what brought me to blogging.  Reading all the creative ways teachers are teaching ALL children is very inspiring. 

I hope that I can give you something to use or just smile at through this blog.

Together for our kids,

Mrs. Ponder


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