Saturday, January 19, 2013

Use It or Lose It

We do a lot of assessing...I mean A LOT of assessing in my district.  Sometimes I think we do so much assessing that we don't have time to teach the stuff we are assessing on.  I'm sure most...if not all...of you can relate.  Because a lot of 2nd grade assessments are done 1:1, I am always in need of something to keep the other 23 kiddos busy.  I made this little  worksheet "activity" to be done after 20 minutes of independent reading.  This buys me a good 30 minutes of quiet time to assess skills.

This is pretty basic and EASY to differentiate.  On my grade level I started using the term, "Use or Lose" whenever I share something.  I don't want anyone to feel that my feelings are hurt if they don't need it, want it,  or if it's just not their style.  (YES! I do belong to PPA--People Pleasers Anonymous.)  Anyway..."Use or Lose" has kinda stuck with us when anyone sees something cool they want to share.    

So, I hope you can use, but feel free to lose it if you can't.

Together for Our Kids,



Shannon Kirby said...

I think I'm in your club!! LOL! We also do a TON of testing in our district for 2nd grade. So I will definitely USE your worksheet (I mean activity) Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

Second Grade Signpost said...

I like that phrase. I think I'll adopt that in my classroom too! Thanks for the great printable. Perfect for vocabulary-building and it gets the kids more actively involved with what they are reading. I am constantly reminding my kiddos to spend more time getting to know a book. They hurry though and it makes me wonder what they are really getting from it. I'll try this baby on Monday!

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