Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fantabulous Foldables

I am linking up with Laura Candler for her "Fantastic Foldable Freebie" .

I use these foldables for just about anything.  I love them and they fit neatly in a folder or journal for quick reference.  Here are a couple of ways I used them recently.

foldable animal needsfoldable plant needs

If you’re not familiar with these types of foldables—I’m so sorry I didn’t take pictures of the process.  I will try to explain the best I can…..I used 3 sheets of paper and laid them one on top of the other with about an inch to an inch-and-half bottom of paper to bottom—sort of “stair step”.  Then you fold the top half forward and over where the top of the top sheet is about an inch to an inch-and-half from the bottom of the top sheet.  You should have 6 “tabs”.  Staple at the top.  The students drew a picture of each need and then wrote how its used and why.  These are the examples I used and the kids’ turned out great!  They had fun and had a chance to be creative. 

foldables fractions

This is one I used for fractions.  I made the tabs much closer together—maybe 1/2 inch.  I used 4 sheets of paper but cut it length wise in the middle to make them “skinnier”.  The left was my example and the right is student created—they did a great job. 

I hope you can use these.  If you have a Super Volunteer, like I do, they might make you some of these.  I have a few on hand to grab in a pinch.  I’ve used them with just about every subject.

Together for Our Kids,



A. Kate said...

I am just in the middle of Everyday Math Unit 8 with includes work on Fractions(for 2nd Grade) and these would be the perfect extension!

Do you use Everyday Math in your classroom?

Thank you!
Innovate, Create and Relate

twilliams said...

Love using foldables!! I am now a new follower! Hope you will follow my blog and TpT store!!


Mandy Kipp said...

What do you have written.under the flaps for each one?! I'm student teaching and this would be perfect for my plant unit!!! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

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