Monday, April 2, 2012

Espresso Elementary???

Help!  I have been asked to review Espresso Elementary for my school district.  It’s supposed to be a “one-stop-shop” for all your lesson resources—videos, games, extensions, matches up to your state’s curriculum—yadda,  yadda,  yadda—you know—the MAGIC PILL.  I believe it’s based in the UK and it covers ELAR, Math, SS and Science.  Is anyone familiar with it or even better—does anyone use it?  I would love to know how you use it with your class?  Is it something that you use a lot?

I sometimes tend to get overly excited when it comes to school related finds---know what I mean?  The first time I look at it I just know it’s going to meet ALL my needs and make my school days so much easier!  Then after day 2 or 3 I’m going right back into what I’ve always used and then 3 months down the road I’m thinking, “Oh yeah!  I forgot about this.”  So help a fella teacha out!  I would love to hear your opinions, comments and ideas!  You all ROCK!!

Together for Our Kids,



Jennie said...

Hi Denise! I teach in the UK and every school I've worked in has an Espresso subscription. It's good for short video clips, etc. but I sometimes forget about it as it's difficult to access from home (because you need a paid subscription) when I'm doing my planning.

One bonus (on the UK version at least) is that you can embed video clips onto your learning platform (not sure if these are common in American schools) so that the children can access relevant links at home when doing homework tasks.

Hope this helps!


Unknown said...

Hi Denise,

I rolled out Espresso Elementary to my staff in January. We are a K-5 school in Cupertino Union School District. Espresso's materials and lessons are terrific! I really like that the materials are versatile; they can be used as a whole-class, small group, or on an individual basis with the kids. They are especially great for K-3, but provide good materials for 4/5 (just not as many). I do wish that the had additional videos - the kids respond positively when they have the chance to hear the information from another source (i think they get tired of hearing it from the same person all day). I highly recommend the Espresso program, it is very teacher friendly and makes learning fun for the kids.

Best wishes,
4th Grade teacher

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