Saturday, December 29, 2012

Great Idea!

I just got a great idea and you heard it here first!  (Unless, you've heard it somewhere else from someone I don't know, in that case you only heard it first coming from me.)  As I am sitting here melting even further into my bed, wondering why my back hurts and my legs are getting a little too warm (which could be from sitting in the same position in my bed with my laptop on my lap for the past 2-3 days), staring at my computer screen then shifting my eyes to my treadmill contemplating whether or not to use it (which I can't because stuff is on it and it would take me too long to get the stuff off--like 30 seconds--WHY AM I SO LAZY?--GREAT!  Now I feel bad about myself.) I was thinking that wouldn't it be great if.......Hang on.....

I'm back.  Sorry, I got a really exciting message (really just a comment, I was hoping someone wanted to get together, but it was just a comment about a board game--Yes!  I'm boring) from my Bunco girls.  I promise there's a good idea in this post!  Do you know what I would think would be fun??  Instead of having a "Parade of Homes" where you walk around looking in model homes, dreaming of what it would be like if you had that kind of money, children and a husband who picked up after themselves AND a gardener, and party planner, wouldn't it be great to have a "Parade of Classrooms"?  You could walk from room to room and see all the great ideas and cute displays.  You could win teacher door prizes to use in your classroom and while you were there you could collaborate with other teachers over   snacks and a coffee OR hors d'oevres and a cocktail .  I'm not kidding!  Is this a dream or a reality somewhere I don't know about?  

Another idea---Instead of Pampered Chef, 31, or Premier Jewelry--what about teaching stuff--well, writing that out loud, that might be a little too much...

Pretty sure I have ADD?  Sorry, I just wrote like I think and talk.  Who reads this stuff anyway?  :)

Together for Our Kids,



Anonymous said...

No, I agree--that would be a lot of fun!

Miss Nelson said...

Love both of those ideas!

Melanie Morgan said...

I would DEFINITELY love this! Now, when are you going to host this at your school so I can participate???

Jenna said...

Just found your blog!

Just Diving In

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