Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 3—”Pinspirations”

We just finished our unit on the night sky.  The students needed to be able to see the pattern of the changing moon.  I think these turned out pretty cute!  It was a bit time consuming (thank goodness I had parent help!), but I would definitely do this again—maybe not use foil….the students had a  tough time manipulating it into the shape they wanted on the moon.  But I definitely think mission accomplished!

moon phases

Well, this sweet kid needs to work on the patterns, but I love that Earth he made.

moon phases2










This sweet one did an AWESOME job!!!


We finished our unit off with the class creating and then describing a constellation.  I put a toothbrush into white paint and gave it a flick to make the black construction paper look like the night sky.  We had talked a lot about the constellations and how some of them got their name.  I am super proud at how hard the kids worked on these.  Here a couple of examples…..

Night Sky ConstellationsNight Sky Constellations2

Sorry the “West Peace Sign” is blurry…I had to post it!  It is made up of 8 stars and when “poor” people look up into the sky they find hope.

Night Sky Constellations3

This was the most creative one.  It’s the “Cake Hogger”.  You get the story behind this one!  CUTE!!

Well, there you have it!  I will be posting more SOON!

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Krista Carlson said...

These constellations are great! What a creative idea! I am your newest follower. Looking forward to checking out more of your ideas in the future :).

The Second Grade Superkids

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