Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is This Weird....or Am I Crazy?!?

I could be really embarrassing myself right now by admitting this...but this is something I find really weird.  My husband can't understand how this is so "troubling" to me and how I let it bother me so much.  It also sort of bothers me that it doesn't bother him.  By now you're probably saying, "GET TO THE POINT!"  Ok, ok....I was at a public pool today with some friends, and there was a family that just started swimming in their clothes.  Yeah, walked down the ladder into the 4ft water at the pool fully dressed in nice clothes.  Well, the dad, mom and sister (around 13 years old) were in their street clothes...the son (around 10 years old) was in his underwear, (in his defense, they were boxer briefs, but clearly underwear).   The dad had on denim shorts and a nice polo shirt and the mom had on a super cute sequined top and white pants (wet white pants on a lady in early 40s NOT appropriate).  Now, I DO live in Texas near a touristy part of the state and it is HOT...they all had on water shoes, though.  How do you have water/swim shoes, but no suits?  No life guards said anything about the undies or the see-through pants, so am I being too judgemental?

Your honest opinion would help me out.  My husband has really made me question the type of person I am.  Am I normal or do I have a serious personality flaw?  




Courtney Bartlett said...

That is really strange. It would bother me too.

Swimming into Second

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

that is DEFinitely weird! lol

luckeyfrog said...

It would bug me, but hooopefully they were tourists who didn't think to bring their things along and it was just a "what the heck, we're on vacation and none of these people will ever see me again!" But I think it'd still bug me a bit!

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

Just Wild About Teaching said...

ehhhh thats def strange and would have me confused for a while too !!

Just Wild About Teaching

ksadd said...

In high school, I worked at a pool and patrons were not allowed into the pool without a swimming suit. They also weren't allowed to wear any type of clothing over a swimming suit. It is extremely strange and I would have been bothered by it as well!

Mrs. Not-Much-Taller-Than-A-Second-Grader

Janine said...

I am baffled! I know that I would have laughed and laughed, it's what I do when I don't really know what is going on. I read this to my 17 year old and she had no reaction, NONE. So maybe I am a little weird because I agree with you, I would have been bothered.

Faithful in First

Tina said...

That was me in the white pants and sequined shirt, Denise!

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