Monday, June 11, 2012

Student Treasures

This year was my fourth year to do Student Treasures with my class.  We actually do it as a grade level.  We don't have to, but we always choose to.  We pick a common theme, which always seems to center around "Saving the Earth".  Each student writes a page and illustrates a page to go along with their writing.  When it is finished, the teacher packs it up and mails it in.  Each student is able to purchase the hardback class book for $20.  The teacher receives one for FREE!  There is are 2 parts that are a bit time consuming on the part of the teacher.  1.  The "final" writing and illustration needs to be done on the special paper provided by the company.  It's a glossy paper, so it needs to be written on with markers.  Because I have 2nd graders, I have them write their finished product with pencil and then I go over each one with a black, thin marker.  After they finish their illustrations, I also go back with the same marker and outline some of the objects just to make them stand out a little more.  2.  In order for the correct picture and writing to be side-by-side, the student's drawing has to be on the back of another student's writing.  No matter how many times I model and say this, I still hear a lot of, "This isn't my paper!"  or "I have Sophie's!  Who has mine?". always works out in the end and the results are fabulous!  I'm the biggest procrastinator in my grade level to get this done and even though we give ourselves plenty of time to do it...We are always turning it in at the last minute.  Each year we do it again and the students love reading the books that the other classes before them have written.  

Here are some examples from this year.  The book on the left at the top of the photos was done by my son and his friend in 4th grade this year.  The book on bottom of the same photo was done by my 2nd grade class this year.  The photo on the right is just a sample page of what a student did.  

I am pretty proud of the great job my kiddos did!  Check out their website, Student Treasures.  I promise you will love the end results and be so glad you put in the time.

Together for Our Kids,


Brandi said...

We used this at my last school and the kids loved it! I'm hoping to do it at my school next year!

Success in Second Grade

Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

My new teaching partner brought this up to us at the beginning of the year and we were all wanting to do it but we never got any information back from the company. We are hoping to try again next year. They look so great!

Tori said...

Yay for second grade teachers! I'm a new follower- and a new blogger too...
Tori's Teacher Tips
would love for you to stop by :)

Amanda said...

Oh I have been wanting to try this site out! Your pictures make me want to do it even more!! They turned out fantastic! What time of year do you typically start these?

Ms. Wilkie's Second Grade Class

Denise said...

We start in January and try to have them complete by Spring Break. However, this year we got a late start. We mailed them off the first week in May and got them back the week before Memorial Day.

You won't regret making them. :)


Michelle said...

Happy you stopped by my blog today! :-) Thanks for leaving your link! I'm your newest follower!
Looking forward to keeping up with what's going on in your world.

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