Friday, June 29, 2012

TEKS vs. Common Core

Some of you may be wondering what TEKS are, well....Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, (or TEKS), is Texas' equivalent to the Common Core Standards.  There are only four states that have chosen not to adopt the CCS and Texas is one of them.  In case your interested, Alaska, Nebraska and Virginia are the other three.

The TEKS aren't that much different from the CCS.  I do like the wording of the CCS better than our TEKS.  I found this article from the TX Association of Business that I thought was interesting.  It is comparing TEKS to CCS in Math.  Here's the link if you're interested.  What do you think?  Any comments or concerns?

Here is a copy of the 2nd Grade TEKS that I have made into a checklist.  You can click on the picture or HERE.

On to less political and more teacher talk.  I've copied some of your ideas and made myself a checklist that covers our 2nd Grade TEKS.  It's more for myself, but I was thinking of putting a copy of Math and ELAR in the student binders so they can also check off when we cover a standard.  Maybe even make a poster of the Math that we can check off together as a class.   I think it will also hold them more accountable for their learning.  My district has a Common Assessment every 6 weeks that goes over 2n Grade TEKS taught in Reading, Revising & Editing, and Math.  This school year they will also be adding Social Studies.  


Dixie Selva said...

Really interesting Denise! I like the checklist, thanks for sharing! I've created writing and reading TEKS cards to use for goal setting in my classroom, but love the checklist for myself. I still need to finish science, social studies and time!

I read the article and apparently we Texans opted out of Common Core because the TEKS are supposed to be "stronger" but the article is saying that they turned out to be weaker? Hmm. No idea who is making these decisions but I'll keep teaching what I gotta teach regardless. Happy Friday! :)

Teachin' Little Texans

FreeLark said...

Pretty sure Minnesota didn't adopt them either, so don't feel left out. I have my husband's family (in TX) and *my* family (in MN) both sitting it out while I have to change! :) Fun fun!

Becca Morris said...

Why do we always have to be different in Texas? I wish we were going with the Common Core. Oh well, maybe we will in a few years. That article was very interesting. Great checklist! I have made address labels of all my standards. I am going to stick them on my lesson plans as I go. That way I will be able to see what I am teaching and have them ready at hand to write on the board the day of the lesson. :) I love your blog!

Simply 2nd Resources

gin said...

I just came across your site and your freebie while searching for math TEKS. I left my paper copy at school and didn't have them while sitting here trying to plan. It looks like TEA has taken down this year's current math TEKS and replaced them with the super duper new and improved math TEKS that were just adopted. That's why your checklist came in so handy! I am so impressed that you took the time to make it, this will be a tool I use all year long. Thank you!
On another note, I think the CCSS vs. TEKS business all boils down to politics and money. I would probably prefer if we were able to switch to common core simply because the goal of those standards is depth, not breadth, if that makes sense. I feel like there is not enough time in the world to cover each TEKS individually to the depth that they warrant, but such is life.
I'm a new follower of your blog; and thank you again for posting that awesome checklist!

Cathy W. said...

If I had one magic power, I would impart the knowledge to teachers that education could be so much easier, so much more effective, and so much cheaper if only we knew history. I know very well why colleges of education don't teach the history of education but it is still heart-breaking. I would highly suggest that all teachers read the following books (all free online): The Leipzig Connection, The Underground History of Education in America (Gatto), and The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (Iserbyt).

Suha said...

Thank you so much for such a great resource!

Kelly said...

Have you seen the new math TEKS for 2014-2015? Are you going to start implementing them this year, so there isn't a huge gap for students going into third next year?


Kelly said...

P.S. I used your TEKS checklist last year and LOVED it! :)


Debnise said...

I'm like Kelly.....I used your TEKS checklist last year and absolutely loved it. It helped me out so much! I was wondering if you were going to update it with the new Math TEKS. I would appreciate it so much and would be willing to purchase it if you put it in your TPT store.

Jessica Ramsey said...

That was my question too :) We would love the updated one if you've made it. It was a great resource last year.

Anonymous said...

I will be moving to TX and my son has been learning Common Core (second grade). Would you suggest any summer work to prepare him for third grade in TX. Like a Summer Bridge Book - if they have that?

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