Monday, July 16, 2012

Can You Relate?

Hi.  My name is Denise and I am addicted to Professional Development.

I am a complete nerd when it comes to Professional Development.  I will sign up for just about any staff development that is offered to me.  I love getting the information first hand and I love sharing it with my grade level or everyone on my campus.

I am so very lucky that my principal will feed my addiction as often as she's able.  When she called me this afternoon to ask me if I was interested in Stephen Covey's 7 Habits (she totally knew I would be), I was giddy with excitement!  Literally changed my mood!  I actually did a little dance and immediately called my good friend to see if she was just as excited as I was--She was!  WOO HOO!

I know there's lots of you out there that have done this training.  What did ya think?  Is it as effective as I've heard?

**Sad News--As I was checking the spelling of Stephen Covey's name, I read that he has just passed due to complications from a bicycle accident he had in April.  He was 79.

Two of my favorite quotes by Mr. Covey... 
"I am not a product of my circumstances.  I am a product of my decisions." 
"Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy"

Together for Our Kids,



Mrs. Mayhew said...

I absolutely loved reading Covey's book, The Leader in Me. I have not attended the training, but would like to. I am going to use the & Habits for Happy Kids book to start it in my classroom this year!

Dixie Selva said...

Hi Denise!

I am completely with you on the loving professional development! I love learning and getting great ideas from workshops. I also wanted to tell you that my school is implementing the "Leader in Me" this year. We started learning about the 7 habits last year as a staff and this year we are teaching our students. I love it!

I was so sad to hear that Stephen Covey passed away, what an amazing person! So inspiring!

I was also going to ask you about your TEKS checklist. We are already in our second week of school and when we came back we learned about the new math TEKS. Are you planning on changing your math TEKS checklist? I LOVE your checklist and was curious. Let me know! :)

Teachin' Little Texans

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