Sunday, July 8, 2012

Question for Texas Bloggers

I was just curious.  I teach every subject with C-scope.  Does everyone in the state use it?  If you do use it, have you logged on to the new website?  What do ya think?

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Jayne said...

We have it to use as a resource. I logged on yesterday and was NOT impressed. I tried to download the math year at a glance so that I could start preparing. Unfortunately it is now too small for me to read! I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if that is just how it is going to be. I haven't really looked at it too carefully, but if it's all too small when I download it, I guess I won't be using it much.

Mrs. Rhodes Scholars

Amanda Madden said...

Just found your blog through the giveaway and am your newest follower. I'm excited to have another 2nd grade blog to follow! ;)

Teaching Maddeness

Mrs. Spotted said...

I taught at a district for 3 years that used it. The first year we had to do exactly as it was written :( The next two years we followed mostly the guidelines and lesson order but used it as a resource. I'm not with that district anymore and my new school isn't going to use it. (Sorry I can't help with the new website) Not everyone in the state has gone to it but it seems most regions are heading that way. I do know the last year I taught using it they had changed everything...seems to be a yearly thing with them.
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Lisa R. said...

I just found your blog & I'm your newest follower!! I am excited to follow along & share ideas!
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Carmela B said...

We've used C-scope in our district to varying degrees for the past 4 years. I hadn't noticed any big changes in the website. They only post the first few weeks lessons over the summer, so this kind of nixes any real long term planning.

Kelly said...

Has anyone figured out how to download all of the attachments (handouts and keys) at once? I miss how everything used to be in one nice pdf file..not a million different ones.

Leslie said...

We use it for everything, except we tweak the ELAR because the format is so confusing. I'm also irritated that I can download all the attachments...Booo!
Not fond of the new cscope but I don't get a vote.

Shannon Kirby said...

We use it for everything, also. We are following the Journeys basal for reading ELAR but making sure to cover the TEKS that cscope is testing. I guess I like the new format better BUT I honestly don't care for any of it. All of It can be overwhelming sometimes. I would LOVE to hear how to incorporating it all into a day. Do you teach science and ss each day?? Do you try to integrate ss/elar? I don't mean to get to excited, I would just LOVE to pick your brain. I only have my district to talk with about it and everyone is frustrated. :))

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