Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teacher T-shirts

Teacher T-shirts, Teacher T-shirts!  Say that 10 times really fast!  Talk about a tongue twister!  Whew!

I need your help.  My grade level is looking for some grade level shirts.  We want something different and we have one man on our grade level.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  

Even if you have some ideas for a cute saying or something for 2nd grade.  I was thinking some sort of jersey would be cute with the number being 02.  

You all are so creative so get those juices flowin' and help us be the envy of the other grade levels at our school.  :)

Thanks a Million!


Mrs. Fraser said...

We're doing a "2nd Grade Rocks" theme with "rock star" lettering and a guitar. Love your "02" number like a jersey!
I've been looking for good 2nd grade blogs for a little while now. Thanks for all that you do! I'm a new follower!

Lisa R. said...

Our school does Sunsational Second Graders! I look forward to hearing what you come up with! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Jessica Brown said...

You sound like an amazing teacher. a place you might want to look for good prices is
For a saying on the shirt you cant go wrong with
"I "READ" because of a TEACHER!

prec0ci0us said...

A Kindergarten teacher at my school ordered shirts for her team from They got the Peace Love design in different colors. They have a variety of options so you might be able to find something for all.

jill4bama said...

Our kindergarten classes ordered tie dye Tshirts. Each class had a different color. They would be fine for a male teacher.

Rikki said...

Have you seen the shirts where everyone in the class draws a picture of themselves. Then they put all the children's pictures and the picture you drew of yourself on your classes shirts. You could make all of your shirts in second grade the same color. I really want to do it for my class this year.
The Hive

Lisa Gill said...

We do tie dye T-shirts as well. Each class gets two different colors. We also have the kids make them. We have a great support from parents and they set up and run it. I'd have to look up where we bought the supplies, but the kids only pay $2 and supply their own 100% cotton t-shirts. Great for field trips, field day, or any other big celebration times. Easy to find our kids and sort them out by class. :D

Mrs. Jaco said...

We have very bright tie dye t-shirts. They say Peace, Love, and Second Grade! We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday, and could spot them a milliom miles a way! lol Best t-shirts we ever had!

Katherine Steven said...

Great post! Find a cool collection of colorful cheap t shirts in variety of styles online at metoshirts.

Kelly said...

I have been searching for a 2nd grade team shirt since April! Did you even come up with or find the perfect shirt??? :)


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