Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Linky Party! Linky Party! Woo Hoo!

My daily routine lately is TRY to get up before 11:00 am (Yes, I have been blog stalking & pinteresting into the wee hours of the night and sleeping till 11).  Back to the story….Getting up around 9, running a couple of errands, stopping by my school, visiting, moving piles of stuff from one spot to another in my classroom, socializing, moving stuff back to the spot I moved it from before, chatting, sighing with an overwhelmed feeling, laughing with some of my teacher friends I see on my way out of school, arriving home and flopping in my computer chair because I’m so exhausted from all this “running around” and wanting to reward myself for getting up so early by checking blogs and pinterest to make sure I’m not missing anything super exciting.  I know, I know.  I am ONE BUSY TEACHER (said with way too much sarcasm).

While relaxing in front of my computer, I came across a really fun linky party that really has nothing to do with school.  Please, click your way over to Oh' Boy Fourth Grade and join in!

Here goes---

Write down what you are currently…

Listening to—My son laughing while watching “Good Luck    Charlie”.  I LOVE hearing my children laugh!

Loving—Next to hearing the laughter, I’m currently loving Sonic Route 44 unsweet tea with lots of lemon and 2 packs of sweet & low.

Thinking—I wonder if my teenage daughter is really going where she says she is?

Wanting—to keep my 3 children little and in our house a little longer (even the 2 teenage ones).

Needing—to relax and stop over thinking EVERYTHING.

Stalking--Quench Your First because Tina and I are great friends and she makes me laugh.                                                   

Second Grade Shenanigans because I just like her blog.

Eighteen25 because it’s Eighteen 25.

And if you must know—I also stalk my own blog hoping for comments or at least 100 followers….Goofy, huh??

Together for Our Kids,



Keri Kelly said...

I found your blog on this linky party and I love your comments. I check my blog all the time for comments and followers

oh' boy said...

thanks so MUCH for joining my linky party... your post is great!!! I too love hearing the little bing on my phone telling me I have mail and then SECRETLY hoping it is a blog comment!!! hahaha

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