Monday, August 1, 2011

A Little Classroom Management & Organization

My grade level used to have those cute little behavior ladders that are all over Pinterest.  Last year our principal wanted us to have something that was school wide.  Yes, we could have all used those little ladders all the way from PK to 4th grade, but, the belief was that sometimes one thing doesn’t work for everyone.  So to keep everything “the same” but “different”, we had to come up with a system where PK-K got 7 colors for changes, 1st- six colors, 2nd- five, etc.  The thinking was that the older the student gets, the more they should already know the rules.  So…here is what we use in 2nd grade.  “Wow” of course is going above & beyond.  The students receive positive rewards for staying on green and moving to purple.  We have a school wide ticket system so the students can trade their tickets in for special privileges. (Notice the clips I made—Pinterest.)
    behavior stick 2                Behavior stickGlitter pins
Green is “YEA”, yellow-warning, red-10min off recess, blue-call parent.
Those little cards in the holder are “Expectations” (for lack of a better word) cards.  I will choose the expectations before we start each activity.  I added magnets to the back so I obviously won't have them all displayed at once.  They work pretty good.  I also have some for materials they will need—glue, pencil, markers, etc. 
Organization---Here is what I did to SNAZZY up my bins.  This is how I organize my daily lessons.  Each box has just about everything I need for the day.  The other bins hold “JUNK”, which is why I wanted to hide it.  I just cut some of the new border I will be using and taped it on the inside of the drawers.  (LOVE, <3, LOVE Dots on Turquoise).
daily lessons
Hopefully I gave you something you can use.  Smile
Together for Our Kids,


Jen said...

Border in the clear bins is genius! I love that pattern too!

Sarah Adams said...

I just want to THANK YOU for posting your behavior plan with the clothespins! I have done the boards before with pockets and colored cards. This idea is MUCH better! I just started a blog as well! Yours looks great!


Ms. Preppy said...

Love, love, LOVE the border in the bins! Makes storage a little bit more fun and fabulous!

Lauren LaRae said...

Where did you find the 'expectation' cards?? They are AWESOME!

Denise said...

Thank you Lauren! I bought the speech bubbles at an education store and then wrote the expectations with a sharpie...Super Easy!

Teacher said...

What did you use to decorate the clothespins? I love the glitter.

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