Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Freebie for 100!!

I’d like to be all casual and say something like…”I haven’t been on the computer in the past few days, and now I have 103 followers”, but I would be lying…You see I’m ALWAYS on the computer and ALWAYS checking my blog to see if I have a new follower.  {I'm my own blog stalker--is there such a thing?}  A big “Thank Ya!!”  goes out to Third in Hollywood who was my 100th follower.  Head on over to her Super Duper Blog and follow—You will not be disappointed. 

Along with having 100 followers comes with a bit of stress for me.  Now I’m going to have to have some sort of contest giveaway {to pay it forward to y’all wonderful, supportive new teacher friends who’ve shown me so much love}.  Here lies the “FREAK OUT”.  I am horrible for finding just the right thing.  What am going to give as a giveaway?  As my son use to say when he was a bout 3 and had the CUTEST speech, "Hmmm.  Let me tank."  I’m going to let the ideas simmer for a couple of days before I decide on something.  Until then, here’s a freebie to say "Thanks a Bunch!" 

This freebie isn’t anything really big, but it is an activity my team likes to do at the beginning of the year.  Thanks to Scrappin Doodles and DJ Inkers I’ve cutsied it up a bit.  So, here it is.  If you have any questions about it, please let me know.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve it—let me know. 

You teachers out there are just too darn inspiring and I need you to stop it—You’re making me look bad!  JUST KIDDING—Don’t stop!  You are so inspiring—Keep it up!  Teachers really are the best people.  Thank you all for sharing your wonderful creations and inspiring me to attempt to follow in your footsteps.  You’re opinions of my work really matter to me!

Summer Vacation Writing
Together for Our Kids,


Tina said...

Very cute, Denise! Thanks!

Quench Your First

eplant said...

Hello Denise I love your blog!
Your snapshot activity is THE CUTEST!!! I want to download it, but I don't have a Scribd account and I don't really want to open one. Would it be possible for you to post it in Goggle Docs?
Thanks you rock:) :)

Tina said...

Hi! I have chosen you for the Versatile Blog Award! Stop by my blog to check it out!

Quench Your First

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