Friday, July 1, 2011

Freebie Linky Party?

Woo Hoo!  I’m in!  Just Add Clipart is hosting a Linky Party.  To join in on the fun, all you need to do is share something you’ve created.  Hmmmm….well, I’m new to this blogging, so I’m just learning how to download, upload, share, so, I think I’m going to share this little sheet,  Write Around the Room.  It is an activity that has the kiddos going around the room searching out words  and then using them in their own sentences.  I like to have a number of letter per word minimum which helps with differentiating and also the sweet little children who would only be writing words like “I”, “it”, “is”…you know the ones.  I hope you can use this and keep your fingers crossed that I linked up to this party correctly.  LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!! 

PS-I’ve also done it where they can only use words from the Science or Math wall.  It really helps with vocabulary.  Nerd smile

Write Around the Room

write around the room



Lauren Morse said...

Thanks for linking up and blogging about the party. I'm a new follower.

Down Under Teacher said...

Welcome to blogland! I am also a newbie - only been around two weeks now. Thanks for sharing too. Another idea to stop 'those' kids from only collecting small words is to allocate each letter a certain number of points (e.g. 2 letter words = 2 points, 5 letter words = 5 points etc) or give them a total they have to get to (e.g 50)- they love competing with each other to get the most points or to be the first one to the total.

Denise said...

Thank you so much stopping by!
I LOVE your points idea Down Under Teacher! I'm definetly going to try that!

Dana said...

Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing! I'm now a follower. :)

3rd Grade Gridiron

Lorena said...

Thank you for sharing!

Mrs. Morris said...

Welcome to blogging. I love it! We need more 2nd grade blogs! Come visit mine. :)

Simply 2nd Resources

Mel D said...

I'm going to use this during RTI next year with my high firsties. I love it! Thanks for sharing & BTW I am a new follower. Stop on by my blog to follow me & check out the freebie I posted for the party.
Peace, Mel D
Oh the Places We’ll Go

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