Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Some Stuff

This year my goal is to GET ORGANIZED!  I am embarrassed even reading this as I type it!  I don’t even have parent communication, lesson plans, birthday calendars, student info, or ways the kiddos get home in one central location.  These things are located in a variety of locations none of which are together.  YIKES!!!!

I know I’m not sharing anything new.  I know there are plenty of more creative documents out there, but I thought I would share in case I can inspire someone or offer you something that was tweeked in just the right way for you, too. 

So…these documents will all be together in my teaching binder.  I may be adding some more stuff as I go along, but here it is so far.

Student Info

I wanted something where I can have ALL of the students’ important information.  (Thinking about this now I should have made an RTI column or I’ll just make a separate RTI page).  “Med” stands for anything like allergy, etc.  “Photo” is if I’m allowed to use the child’s photo on a bulletin board or something like that.  “Text” if the parent doesn’t mind me texting them for things like, “your child forgot their lunch”.  I also wanted something with both parents names and information.

Parent Communication How We Get Home Student Birthdays Staff Celebrations Planning Ahead

Everything else is pretty self-explanatory.  Smile

Together for Our Kids,



Caitlin said...

I am also trying to organize a teacher binder for this year. I have posted a few things on my blog regarding it. Check it out if you would like! Http://

Jen said...

Those look great! I need to get organized too!

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