Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going to the Beach!

How am I going to make it for 3 days without all the blog stalking I’ve grown accustomed to this summer?  I hope I don’t miss anything too exciting.  Oh, well, maybe it will curb my frustrations of not being able to get into my classroom yet—I have SO many things I’d like to get at to share!  I knew I should have brought some stuff home with me over the summer—Dang it!

Together for Our Kids,



Mrs. Morris said...

Have fun. I wish I was going somewhere fun. =)

I can't get in my room either. Probably not until August. Frustrating...

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Tina said...

Have a great time and remember...the blogs will be here when you return! I will e-mail Paige and ask when we can start going back to school.

Busy Bees said...

We are so thrilled that we found your blog. Second grade blogs and hard to find. Have fun...I know what you mean about blogging. It is addictive!!

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