Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Most of you probably do a lot of Marzano’s High Yield Instruction Strategies everyday in the classroom.  Last year my reading group really needed a lot of work with non-fiction texts… we did KWL charts A LOT.  I would just have the kids them draw the chart in their writing spiral….not very exciting.  So, you can imagine how excited I was when I stumbled across the Education Journey blog and read the post “So What's In Our Desk?” only to find this awesome idea of a KWL journal.  Ashleigh has her 3rd grade students do a KWL not just before reading, but also when they begin each unit in Science and Social Studies.  I think it is so neat that they will have a journal of all the great stuff they have learned in 2nd grade.  When I first started doing the KWL with the class I had to do quite a bit of modeling, but they started to get the hang of it and did quite well.  I loved this idea so much that I whipped up a template that I will be using in my class this year.  If you’re interested click here for the chart , and click here for the journal cover.  I added the lines because my 2nd graders REALLY need them.

Here are some pictures of the document.  Smile

KWL journal cover         KWL journal

Hope you can use.  If you like the idea head on over to Education Journey where you will find lots more Super Cool ideas!

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Great template! Thank you!!

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